Source for donors, sponsors, grants and resources globally

NGOs have come up against donor saturation in their home countries. Despite their challenges, these NGOs still find ways to meet the needs of the people they serve. Most of the challenges is attributed to lack of resources and funding to enable them serve their communities. There is increasing returns to scale in running fund raising campaigns internationally. IAAN Source for donors, sponsors, grants and other resources globally for African NGOs.

Networking both regionally and internationally

Networks encourage joint problems solving, resource exchange, cooperation, coordination and coalition building. Networking is important because it brings together institutional capabilities and human resources in the form of skills, experiences and ideas to tackle common problems that are often beyond the capacity of a single organization.
An NGO may have legitimacy in its local or national environment, but forming international partnerships may enhance its legitimacy outside its national borders.

Restructuring NGOs for global competition

Globalization exerts opposing pressures on NGOs governance structure. A functional NGO governance structure should provide a mechanism to ensure that the organization and its members have three things: legitimacy, accountability, and effectiveness.
IAAN works to provide Africa based NGOs with an international governance structure which helps to strengthen the legitimacy, accountability, and effectiveness of the NGO.

Education on operation and management of an NGO

IAAN provides through our partners, training opportunities for member NGOs and individuals to build their skills and capacities for effectively addressing global challenges. Managing and leading an NGO is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. A wide range of knowledge, skills and strategies are necessary to achieve results. IAAN provides training through it's partners for professional and effective NGO management.

The focus of our training courses is on gaining a thorough understanding of key concepts of NGO management and developing strategies that you can immediately use in your work. Our lessons are hands on and interactive.
IAAN assists your organization in management capacity building and in strengthening organizational efficiency.

Providing Research Services.

IAAN provides research support to member NGOs by:

•    Stimulating discussion and debate – To create an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning .

•    Increasing awareness and understanding of relevant trends – Our world is constantly changing. It is imperative that civil society organizations keep abreast with changes in the industry.

•    Publishing accessible material on topics of interest

•    Providing platforms for documentation and publication

•    Providing research support through our Q & A platform

 Training on Writing Grants and Proposals

A proposal is an essential marketing document that helps cultivate an initial professional relationship between an organization and a donor over a project to be implemented. The proposal outlines the plan of the implementing organization about the project, giving extensive information about the intention, for implementing it, the ways to manage it and the results to be delivered from it. IA AN provides t raining on proposal and grant writing and management.

Providing Audit Services

Audits are important for NGOs as they demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability and bring credibility to the NGO. It is also a legal requirement in most countries to have the financial statements reviewed by an independent auditor once a year.
On occasion, donor agencies may request an independent external audit of records and activities and IAAN will appoint a qualified accountant to undertake a review. The primary purpose of such a review is to check that grants and other donor funds are being used as intended and in accordance with the budget in the original funding agreement.

Awareness and Training on Social Accountability and Good Governance

IAAN is an advocate for social accountability and good governance for sustainable development. Research has shown that lack of good governance and social accountability increases poverty and reduces economic growth and inclusive prosperity.  As a partner with the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), IAAN creates awareness on social accountability and good governance through collaborative efforts between leaders and NGOs in our regions. Through our yearly social accountability and good governance summit, we bring together governments and NGOs to discuss good practices and strategies for achieving development policies that are transparent, that involve citizen’s engagement and accountability.