.Lucy Mohammed Peters  is an Evangelist by God's grace, a social worker, a resource person and recording artist/singer for over 15 years, she is a wife and a mother to very many children
The Hope Trainers Africa Foundation is an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) born out of passion to give hope to the less privilege in cities and mostly in the rural areas. This, we have been doing successfully in different ways including Training, Empowering an Educating through mission schools.


The Women & Youth Empowerment Foundation in Coastal Region Communities (CROWEF) focuses on alleviating the suffering of women and children in the Niger Delta of Nigeria by providing free healthcare, food, and empowering local women and children in the rural areas.


The First Lady founded the Partnership Opportunities for Women Economic Realization (POWER). An initiative to change the economic status of women, especially those at the grassroots through business incubation centres, microcredit schemes channelled through cooperatives societies; encouragement to farm, sourcing markets for their produce and vocational training.
She is also the founder of Destiny Child Centre (DCC) which not only rehabilitate street children in Calabar to make them useful members of the society. Similarly, she founded “Mothers Against Child Abandonment” (MACA), to help teenage girls put in the family way, and rejected by families and the men responsible for their pregnancies, give birth and raise their babies.

Omenka Foundation, a non- governmental Organisation was founded many years ago by Ezinne Eugenia Ogoma Onwude popularly known as “Omenka”. Ezinne Eugenia is an epitome of selflessness. She is always ready to part with whatever she had to help the poor around her. She trained a good number of young girls in different vocational jobs, in order to keep them off the streets and be self- sufficient. Also as a devotional christian, she massively and passionately supports God’s work with her resources.
OMENKA's  vision is to help create a poverty-free and wholesome society by meaningful contributions towards the healthcare, education, social welfare and development of individuals and communities.

Her Excellency Mrs Florence Ajimobi is the First Lady of Oyo State, Nigeria and the Founder of Access to Basic Health Care. "Every Indigene has a fundamental right to high quality and effective health care.To ensure this is realised there is a need for decisions that consistently support the delivery of such health care services."
The Access to Basic medical Care (ABC) Programme (the Programme) is an initiative which sets out a series of actions designed to support the Oyo State Government’s strategic objective for a Healthier Oyo State.

The Foundation was created to provide the highest quality and most effective healthcare service, as well as expanding the presence of healthcare delivery in the rural areas of the state and providing innovative and community-based healthcare service to the poor.

Dr. Martin  is the Founder, and Executive Director of the "IDA LEE PROJECT"  The Ida Lee Project is a foundation that seeks to bring free healthcare to the poor in the DRC . They focus on screening for female reproductive cancers and prevent female fistulas in eastern D.R. Congo. They need support in the building of a  clinic, near Kisangani,Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Martin also serves on the IAAN Board

We are proud of our members and their commitment to empower the marginalized



Renso is the Executive Director of the Basket Ball Academy Foundation in the Dominican Republic.  He is an Engineer and a professional basket player. He is also a business man and an Air Force Officer. In his spare time Reno manages his Foundation.
"The Basket Ball Academy Foundation, a member of IAAN, helps thousands of children, through its basketball camp, by providing training, education and mentorship programs to children in extreme poverty. The foundation also provides resources such as shoes, clothing, sports equipment and toys for needy children. Their campaign “Fellowship Christmas 2013” will provide toys, clothing, shoes and basket balls to over 500 children from marginalized sectors with extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic.



Profersor of Internal Medicine, Univeriste d'Etat d'Haiti.The Founder and President of The Foundation for the development of universities and research in Haiti. A philanthropic nonprofit established in haiti with its headquarters in Gonaives.The mission of the UDF is to promote excellence in academic life and facilitate research in haiti by mobilizing all resources (financial, human, material and logistical) that can be collected around this ideal.We believe that everyone can participate in the fulfillment of this mission, and we invite you to contact us to determine how to make your own contribution to the building of knowledge and of being Haitian.