Who We Are 

IAAN is an international umbrella organization that empowers NGOs with regional focus in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We provide our member NGOs with tools and resources they need to better serve their targeted communities and improve on their programs and activities. Some of the services we provide include capacity building, education and training, resource mobilization, networking and partnership with other global organizations through our international conferences, sourcing for grants and other funding opportunities globally.

Our Commitment

NGO Empowerement

Empowering NGOs to better serve their targeted communities is one of IAAN's commitment. NGOs have been influential in creating awareness in issues pertaining to the marginalized in developing countries, They continue to play an important role in advocacy and resource mobilization in; poverty reduction, human rights, women and children, better climate, healthcare, education, etc. We find that some NGOs in developing countries are not equiped with the resources and structure they need to continue to advocate for these causes and be globally competitive. As such, IAAN supports these NGOs through capacity building, education, training, networking, resource mobilization, grants and much more. 

Good Governance and Social Accountability  

In addition, IAAN is an advocate for social accountability and good governance for sustainable development. Research has shown that lack of good governance and social accountability increases poverty and reduces economic growth and inclusive prosperity.  As a partner with the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), IAAN creates awareness on social accountability and good governance through collaborative efforts between leaders and NGOs in our regions. Through our yearly social accountability and good governance summit, we bring together governments and NGOs to discuss good practices and strategies for achieving development policies that are transparent, that involve citizen’s engagement and accountability. 

We are fully committed to helping Governments in our regions meet the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together we can end extreme poverty, improve our environment and empower our women and children for a better tomorrow.